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Tween animation

2008-08-09 21:33:50 by Cyclone103

Just starting (barely) to get a hang of shape tween animation. Flash is confusing to me as a new user. Maybe it is time I used the free tutorial disk that came with it..........


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2008-08-09 22:39:54

Shape tweening is just like motion tweening. It isn't that hard.

Cyclone103 responds:

If only I knew about motion tweens! Well, that is why I came to Newgrounds in the first place. This is probably the best place for me to start learning.


2008-08-19 18:59:49

Sorry about that tutorial. It involves taking a lot of screenshots, compressing them, and making them 480x360. Plus the Wacom tablet is calling to me!


2008-09-06 13:09:42

tutorials are very valuable:)