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Entry #3

My first project

2008-08-13 11:44:06 by Cyclone103

First project out! Low score, but I really don't care. To my surprise, it actually survived. I thought for sure it would be blammed! Glad it was not :P more levels coming soon! And of course, I participated in Clock Day!


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2008-08-14 00:35:36

Hope to see it out soon! Good luck!

Cyclone103 responds:

Thanks dude! Lemme know how the work on our project has come so far! Ill be able to help ya as soon as I get my project online!


2008-08-14 20:35:09

You are learning AS at a pretty good rate. You will be a pro in no time ;)

Cyclone103 responds:

This coming from you means a lot to me! Thanks! AS is actually (somewhat) eerily similar to Visual Basic, so some of the stuff is already an easy concept for me. I really love Flash!!!!!!!!!


2008-08-15 21:09:25

You know VB? And respond in a PM becase I will actually get the message


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