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My first project

2008-08-13 11:44:06 by Cyclone103

First project out! Low score, but I really don't care. To my surprise, it actually survived. I thought for sure it would be blammed! Glad it was not :P more levels coming soon! And of course, I participated in Clock Day!

My first game

2008-08-11 17:39:02 by Cyclone103

I have the design for 8 levels of my first game planned out. Now all I have to do is make it, and come up with some more ideas. It's a puzzle game, but that is all I am willing to reveal!

Tween animation

2008-08-09 21:33:50 by Cyclone103

Just starting (barely) to get a hang of shape tween animation. Flash is confusing to me as a new user. Maybe it is time I used the free tutorial disk that came with it..........